closer view of nw fuel ford f350 truck

Rolling Clean and Not Rolling Coal with Clean Diesel

Below is a link to an article published by the Diesel Technology Forum. While the content and writing are meant for an American audience, all the information translates across the border and into Canada as well.

Let me be clear – I support clean diesel. My personal vehicles include a 2015 Ford F350 and a 2011 BMW X5 Diesel. Both are outrageously fast and fun to drive, yet you could eat from the exhaust pipe!

Does my fuel economy suffer a little as a result? Yes. However, after a recent visit to smoggy central Mexico, I was reminded of the reason we are doing this. Folks, don’t be short-sighted. Clean air is good for everyone and while I’m burning a little more fossil fuel to achieve it, the refinery making my fuel is burning clean, and so are my vehicles.

Here’s an excerpt from the original article:

 “Rolling Clean Across the Country.”

On behalf of the clean diesel industry, we would like to tell “Coal Rollers” to just roll clean! In fact, a growing number of legislators across the country have taken notice of the practice and have introduced legislation to stop it. By ending the practice, the owners of larger pickups can have the power and performance they are looking for WITHOUT causing unnecessary emissions for those on the road.

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BMW X5It’s nice to see the performance crowd finally starting to get on board too. While browsing Facebook instead of working, I stumbled upon a site called “Clean Diesel Performance: Reversing the trend”. This US-based company is all about performance – they offer tuning and custom performance parts like so many, however, their focus is on achieving the performance without the black smoke. We know this can be done. Wouldn’t it be nice to lean on the go-pedal and have your truck take off like a scared rabbit, without the big cloud of smoke?

Ask us today how you can go fast and not pollute!