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If your mileage is suffering but your vehicle isn’t experiencing any other symptoms, it could be that your truck is trying to tell you something.

You may have heard the phrase: “The law of unintended consequences”. In an ongoing effort to make diesel pickups nicer to drive, appeal to a broader market, and adhere to the strict emission guidelines, the unintended consequence is that your truck may be hiding issues from you.

Let’s look at an example:

The Problem

You’ve discovered that one of your injectors is over-fueling by 20% due to an internal fault.

How it Plays Out if You Have a 1995 Truck:

You may have puffing black smoke, a noticeable misfire and your side mirrors shake so hard at idle you can’t focus on anything in them. Your first, and likely only thought, is to get to the repair shop as quickly as possible. You didn’t even get a chance to notice the fuel economy decline – you noticed the problem and got it fixed.

How it Plays Out if You Have a 2005 Truck:

There’s a haze of black smoke when accelerating. It may seem worse than before, but you’re not really sure. The truck is smooth at idle but fuel economy is down.  Eventually, somebody comments on it, so you take your truck in for a diagnosis.

How it Plays Out if You Have a 2015 Truck:

Your fuel economy is down. Yup, that’s it! Your exhaust system is going into regen more often, but you probably didn’t even notice.

The solution:

What should you do? Be alert to changes in your truck.  Realize that you might not notice an issue right away right away. Be aware that it may hide things from you.

If ignored, eventually, the check engine light will come on, but if you notice a change in your truck, ask us for a check up so you can address the minor problems before they become major.

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