Connector Tubes for Fuel Injectors

The connection between the injector inlet and a high-pressure fuel line is made with an injector inlet connector tube, also called a fuel feed tube.  This tube allows passage through a drilled hole in the cylinder head.

Because of specific torque requirements between the injector body and the fuel feed tube, the seal between the two is metal on metal.  This allows for secure transfer of high pressure fuel.

The connector tube includes a substantial edge filter designed to render any contaminants non-hazardous to the workings of the engine.  They are reduced in size to less than 10 microns, a size which should allow them to pass through the fuel injector without making any problems.

Please note that it is impossible to service the edge filter.  If too many contaminants clog flow, replacement of the connector tube is necessary.

Injector tube Edge filter

If the connector tube in your engine needs placement, or if a new one is being installed for any other reason, also replace the connector tube O-ring.

Please note that installation must be done using the proper torque amounts.  If this is not done properly, the seal will be weak and fuel will leak out a high-pressure.

Using excessive torque can affect the physical strength of the tube and connected parts.  Surfaces may become damaged and fuel leaks may result.  These high pressure leaks can affect the power of the engine and make the injector miss.

When working on an engine’s fuel injection system, always pay attention to the injector inlet connection to or fuel tube and its O-rings.  If any signs of damage, wear, or position problems are detected, replace these now so you do not have to take the fuel injector apart again.  Proper installation with appropriate torque and a clear filter are necessary to maintain proper engine power and prevent misfires.

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