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Checklist to Prepare Your Diesel for Towing a Trailer

Whether you're eagerly awaiting winter so you can drag your snowmobiles to the top of the mountains, or are getting ready to escape the cold and snow by towing your RV to Arizona, the preparation process
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Rolling Clean and Not Rolling Coal

Let me be clear - I support clean diesel. My personal vehicles include...
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Is Your Diesel Truck Hiding Something From You?

If your mileage is suffering but your vehicle isn't experiencing any other symptoms...
plugged engine oil cooler in ford 6.0 diesel

Why a Plugged Engine Oil Cooler Created The Perfect Storm

Recently a customer of ours solicited our assistance troubleshooting a Ford Diesel that wouldn't start...
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Why We Don't Use Customer Supplied Parts

Why we have a policy at NW Diesel Service to never install customer-supplied parts when repairing a vehicle in our shop.
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How to Care For and Maintain Your Ford 7.3 Powerstroke

The 7.3 Powerstroke has a well earned reputation for legendary reliability. Produced from 1994 to 2003, some of these engines are approaching 25 years of age. Although the engine itself is quite durable...
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Induction and Injection System Cleaning

BG Products additives for engine oil and diesel fuel, as well as professional diesel injection system cleaning and induction system cleaning for intake & EGR passages can improve diesel engine performance.

What Are Connector Tubes for Fuel Injectors?

The connection between the injector inlet and a high-pressure fuel line is made with an injector inlet connector tube, also called a fuel feed tube.

Buying Parts for Your Diesel Truck: Price vs. Value

With the goal to save money in mind, many people focus on low prices and sales whenever they have to buy a new product. The problem with this approach to savings is that a low-cost item may actually end up being a worse value and costing you more money in the long run.
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What Your Diesel Exhaust Smoke is Telling You

Any vehicle with a diesel engine will emit white smoke and vapor in colder temperatures...